socket L50, pinch-point, torx

covertec socket with 3/4 inch input for torx screwheads, lenght 50 mm with pinch-point.

Technical specifications & variants

Code input output length1 length2 diameter  1 covertec version spare part housing screw head diameter D (output)
9041199-pp 3/4`` E18 50 24 47.5 pinch-point 9051199-pp torx 30
9041207-pp 3/4`` E20 50 24 47.5 pinch-point 9051207-pp torx 33
9041201-pp 3/4`` E22 50 24 47.5 pinch-point 9051201-pp torx 35
9041202-pp 3/4`` E24 50 24 47.5 pinch-point 9051202-pp torx 36


Various uses

Used in almost every assembly line. Reliable with long service life and the covertec protection mechanism.


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