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Lacquer damages during the assembly process are recognized increasingly as a cost factor in the automobile industry. Additionally the customer requirements concerning surface quality and painted surface rose constantly. covertec provided for this evolution.


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ekatec sees itself not only as a classical supplier for tools but also as a specialist for the customized solutions of assembly and screwing problems. This is based on the consequent, extensive and continuous customer service.

ekatec became a market leader with the product range covertec, which is getting more and more important within the sector of protection technology and safety precautions during the process of assembly.

With the new firstmoves-concept, ekatec is offering an all-inclusive-package for the tool management and basic equipment of whole assembly lines.

Crowfeet and a large range of tools in the sector of assembly technology complete the ekatec-portfolio.

Furthermore ekatec has decades of experience in the construction of special tools.

The experts from ekatec have direct access to the current available global assembly tools. As a result of that, ekatec belongs to the most popular suppliers of tools for assembly processes in the whole automotive industry.