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Lacquer damages during the assembly process are recognized increasingly as a cost factor in the automobile industry. Additionally the customer requirements concerning surface quality and painted surface rose constantly. covertec provided for this evolution.


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Assembly technology

Our product range of the assembly technology includes the following products:

. Hold & Drive for offset screwdriver

. Hold & Drive overload protection

. Spindle guide

. Rolliertec

. Sockets

. spring-mounted Combination sockets

. Sockets, special shape

. Sockets, Torx with magnet

. Bitholder

. Bit, extralong

. Bit with ring magnet

. Ring magnet sleeves

. Pressing roller

. Offset head 110°

. Sockets with joint without spring

. Sockets with joint and spring

. Sockets inset with joint and hidden spring


You can find more detailed information in the catalogue of our assembly technology. Click on the picture for the download.

Gladly we realize your specific requirements within this range. We are looking forward to receive your inquiry.